Those who are leaning toward the Warrior class are fortunate to have the Brotherhood weapon, a pre-registration prize given to all players, which grants the "Ultimate Charger+2%" Auto Ability. However, if you have chosen to play as any Job class other than Warrior--just like me--you will find yourself at a slight disadvantage as you have to wait a long time until the Global server releases the Multiplayer mode, as well as the other Jobs, until you get a shiny new staff or blades. Until then, we have to make do with weapon upgrades.

Anyway, in line with our goal to prepare you for the Mobius: Final Fantasy contents that will be released in the near future, here is a list of recommended weapons to look forward to.

Note: This guide has been directly translated from Altema's Mobius Wiki.

The Best Weapons For Warrior Class Jobs

Buster Sword

Aside from its high attack power and Break Power, it also grants the wielder a 50% increase in Critical Damage. It is obtainable by unlocking the second Skill Panel of the Soldier Job.


This sword, which you can get through the Mercenary of Balaam [Squall] Job Card, has the Auto Ability that increases both your Critical Damage and Normal Attack Damage.


Obtained by unlocking a panel in Berserker's Skill Panel#2, this sword increases your HP, fills your Ultimate Gauge, and increases the chance of generating rainbow element orbs by 15%.


Exclusively obtained in the Multiplayer mode, this weapon increases HP by 10% at 1-star, increases the number of element orb generated at 2-star, and increases the chance of generating rainbow element orbs by 15% at 3-star.

Athena Blade

You can only get this golden sword in the Multiplayer mode, but aside from increasing the number of actions per turn, it's quite versatile and easy to use.

The Best Weapons For Mage Class Jobs

Astral Wand

Obtained in the Multiplayer mode, this wand raises the wielder's Magic attack strength, and has what's considered to be the "3 Priority Auto Abilities": HP increase, Element Plus, and Rainbow Element+15%.

Rosenkreutz/Rod of Roses

Aside from increasing HP and Break Power, it also raises the chance of generating rainbow element orbs by 15%. You can get it by summoning a Demon/Necromancer/Faust Job and unlocking its second Skill Panel.

Demeter Rod

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