Though the English version of Mobius: Final Fantasy is far behind in terms of contents and available features compared to its Japanese server, Square Enix Global has no plan to disappoint its fans worldwide. From prizes and bonuses, to event dungeons, and the release of new cards, updates are rolling in pretty fast, and to be honest, it's a lot to take in!


Chaos Vortex

This Challenge Region was made available 3 days after the game's release. Not for the faint of heart, this map is filled to the brim with formidable foes but without the benefit of skill seed, card, and EXP gains. Players are unable to use Rental Cards nor can they continue fighting when defeated. It is meant to be entered by the finest, strongest, bravest warriors in Palamecia.

Personally, I have not--and never will I--dive into this abyss since I'm not a hardcore player, but here's a video to give you a glimpse of what it's like.

Pupu Attacks!

Released last Saturday (13th August), this special event region pushes you to fight these adorable blue creatures. Despite their seemingly innocent appearance, these "PuPu" are actually sinister aliens who have come to invade Palamecia! You may hesitate at first, but you'll definitely want to defeat as many PuPu as you can once you learn that this map is good for farming Crystals used for Job Change!

PuPu Attacks is available until 16th September, so you still have plenty of time to collect those precious Crystals!

Second Set of Job and Ability Cards

On 13th August, three new Job cards have been made available.

The Dark Knight is a Warrior-class Job unlocked either by summoning or evolving from Knight. Its Ultimate called "Chaosbringer" is a cone attack-type Ability, and it can use Fire, Water, and Earth elements.

This Ranger-type Job evolved from Hunter has an Ultimate called "Trick Attack" which, aside from dealing huge amount of multiple damages, has the ability to Stun the target, rendering it unable to counterattack. It can use Fire, Wind, and Earth elements.

Evolved from White Mage, it boasts an AoE Ultimate named "Bio Blast". This new Job can use Water, Wind, and Earth elements.

Aside from the above, 18 new Ability Cards are now available for everyone to try out! This include three "Fast Learner Cards"--Phantom for Warriors, Magus Sisters for Rangers, and Exousia for Mages--whose Ability Level is all maxed out. The only downside is that they cannot be augmented.

Among the other cards is Hecatoncheir, which I personally recommend, since it lowers the enemy's Defence for not only one, but several turns, allowing you to breeze through battles!

Echo in Swimsuits

Now, for those who'd like something extra to cheer them up when they're badly beaten by ferocious beasts, four varieties of Echo in swimsuit are available in the Spirit Grove under the Shop panel. If you haven't spent the Spirit Ticket you automatically received when you first met this playful fairy, here's a good chance to use it!

You can choose from the following; a pink-winged Echo in a black two-piece bathing suit with a cute flower wreath hanging on her neck, a blue-winged Echo in a pink-and-blue one-piece with a lovely floatie, another blue-winged Echo donning a white cap and a sexy dressy swimsuit, and a stunning yellow-winged Echo in blue shorts.

Keep in mind that these summer versions of Echo are only available until 31st August!

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