10 Weirdest Batman Arkham Knight Glitches

Don't freak out just yet...

Just about a month ago after Feral Interactive cancelled Batman: Arkham Knight for Mac and Linux, many gamers are still experiencing hitching/flickering problems (read: glitch) with the multi-awarded game. Even though an update was released last September, problems were still lingering for PC gamers. Warner Bros. already offered a refund for those who bought the game,  regardless of how long the game was owned.

But that won't stop loyal Bruce Wayne fans from playing the fourth game in the Batman: Arkham series. Although the patch won't fix the game itself, WB Games released a resolution to the hitching problem just right before 2015 ends. The website has this to say:

For some, the hitching issue isn't the only problem. Upon its PC release, the game has been heavily criticized for its frame rate issues. This issue, along with other technical flaws has been addressed through its Steam forum.

The site doesn't offer a guarantee that it will fix all the problems, that is why they're still offering a refund for those who have under two hours of playtime and purchased the game just within 14 days.

So, there you go Bat-fans! Hope this will be a fix and won't make this the lemon among the oranges in the Batman: Arkham series!