Bandai Namco launched a new game based on the hit manga/anime series written by Kohei Horikoshi. My Hero Academia: Smash Tap is now available for download on Android and iOS devices in Japan.

My Hero Academia: Smash Tap is an interactive JRPG where players can move, attack, and do stuff through swiping the screen. Users are required to form a team to go on different quests, modes, and special events showcased by the game. Other features include character enhancement, auto-play, and much more. Jam-packed with clean graphics and smooth animation, players will enjoy the game in the most fun way possible.

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My Hero Academia: Smash Tap Beginners Guide


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source: My Hero Academia Smash Tap | (c) Bandai Namco

Just like most of the JRPGs, My Hero Academia: Smash Tap also offers the Gacha System. Smash Tap's Gacha System allows players to pull characters and accessories. These groups are divided in different banners. Thus, pull rates are also separate.

Character Pull Rates

• 5-Star - 2% (Ongoing Campaign: 3%)
• 4-Star - 38% (Ongoing Campaign: 47%)
• 3-Star - 60% (Ongoing Campaign: 50%)

Accessories Pull Rates

• 5-Star - 5%
• 4-Star - 35%
• 3-Star - 60%

Note: Once the campaign ends, normal percentage pull rate will return.

Aside from the free 5-Star starter units in Smash Tap, pulling a 5-Star character is relatively difficult. We recommend players to get the first chance to grab the best units early. From then on, you can play the game with ease.

Some 5-Star units are upgradeable to 6-Star. Currently, there are four confirmed characters you can upgrade later on. All Might, Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo, and Shota Aizawa. Try and get any of these four. Good luck!

All characters said are 5-Star units by default.

Continue Playing the Story Mode

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source: My Hero Academia Smash Tap | (c) Bandai Namco

After pulling the strongest characters you like, go ahead and dive into the Story Mode of the game. Continue the quests offered by the system. Through this, you will further grasp the environment and will eventually learn new techniques on playing the game. 

Basically, you will have two units (main and support) that will undergo different quests. Aside from them, you can also help an extra support unit to accomplish those missions. Extra units are in form of NPC or form of characters who are being played by live players.

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There are 3 game modes in My Hero Academia Smash Tap: Story Mode, Event and Multi Play. 

Multi Play lets you play with three (3) other online users. With this, you can undergo on different quests in the story mode or ongoing events in the game. Take this opportunity to clear missions you are having a hard time playing solo.

Strengthen your Characters

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source: My Hero Academia Smash Tap | (c) Bandai Namco

Enhancing your characters' abilities/stats is really important to fully advance in the game. This will be a handy move once you enter difficult quests later on. Do not forget to collect and use materials/cards received from the system and various missions. Always check Gift Box hereafter.

In order to enhance the abilities of your unit, access its page by tapping the デッキ (Deck) button (With Cards Logo) on the bottom part of the screen.

Use the Limit Break!

Like what we have stated in the Reroll part of this guide, select characters can be upgraded from 5-Stars into 6-Stars. In Smash Tap, it is called as Limit Break. 

Limit Break is where you use different kinds of materials to enhance your chosen character. Support it to unlock its full potential once it reaches the highest rank. 

Be alert and ready to join limited events inside the game. There might be rare materials available that you will need later on in terms of limit breaking. 


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