Check out this video which introduces all 12 characters available to play with the release of Street Fighter V. You might notice some new faces...

4 new characters have been added to the Street Fighter series and 6 additional fighters will released later in the year following the game's launch. Here are the character reveals for the new characters and some opinions from SFV players!


Very primal... Caveman like and then he goes all satsui... Interesting looking character. If I play a bruiser, he definitely gets my vote over Birdie.

i think he might have some dual personality thing going.. like smeagle. his v trigger changes his personality and super, also he says "devour-our-our"

Divekick, looks evil... confirmed top tier.


So does Capcom think all Brazilians get magical electric powers at birth or something?

That slow moving, close range projectile to keep opponents grounded into a command grab looks frightening as hell. Definitely going to try her out.


Fang is charge, confirmed. Everything makes sense now !!!!

Asian waluigi confirmed.