Whenever you hear or read Square Enix, the first thing that comes to mind is the legendary Final Fantasy series that has dominated the JRPG world since time immemorial. While Square Enix has top notch support for consoles, they also have a lot of fantastic mobile games. Two of which - Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius and Mobius: Final Fantasy have been covered extensively here at RockU Mediacraft.

Today, we like to put into your attention their newest mobile game - Akashic Re:cords!

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Akashic Re:cords is the newest Square Enix mobile game that will be released for iOS and Android phones in Japan. Aside from the two protagonists that you see on the picture above, the game's tagline is: "Here, your imagination will become creations."

Much information is scarce yet for Square Enix's Akashic Re:cords, but below are the game's official social media accounts:

The creators of Akashic Re:cords will divulge more information on September 12, 2016 during the Tokyo Game Show.

Final Thoughts

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The pictures of the two protagonists and the tag line "here, your imagination will become creations." are enough to win me over! Since they will release news about the game on September 12, 2016, we will for sure keep you updated! And yes, Mediacraft will be on the Tokyo Game Show.

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