What better way to start this new year than with some great new games? In this list, we'll take a quick look at some of the best new games featured in the App Store. Keep in mind that there are possibly hundreds of games released weekly for the store, we are just trying to make a round-up of the ones we feel are the most enjoyable. 

The Walking Dead - A New Frontier

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The Walking Dead - A New Frontier tries, as its name indicates, to imbue the franchise with a new breath. It does this by introducing a new character and, with him, a new point of view. Though Clementine, the protagonist in previous installments, is not left aside, the new character serves as a midway between a new look to the same old, decadent world we are all used to.

With him, a new set of characters take part in a story that starts strong in Part 1, and keeps the pace in part 2. The game is currently being sold for $4.99 dollars in the App Store and it includes Episode 1 and 2. Episode 2 is free for a limited amount of time.

Hot Wheels - Race Off

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Hot Wheels - Race Off starts a little on the down side of things, coming off as a direct rip-off of Trials, or Trials like racers. It looks like an attempt to cash in on a genre of games without doing something extra or adding something to the mix. The game picks up after a while, it is actually quite fun. The game is completely free, and that's a plus. The only thing is that it has ads, but that is understandable and once you get used to them they are not that annoying. The gameplay is fluid and responsive, and the graphics are decent for a mobile phone.

Grumpy Cat's Worst Game Ever

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Grumpy Cat's Worst Game Ever is not all that correct with its own title. If you have ever played any of the Wario Ware games, you should feel right at home with this one. This supposedly worst game ever is composed of a series of short, creative, and funny mini-games starring the Grumpy Cat. You are presented with a set of four mini-games, and each time you get them all right they are sped up, they get harder. As you progress, more games are presented to you.

The game is graphically not impressive, but for the style it is trying to achieve, everything feels right. Neither good nor bad. It is currently free in the App Store so nothing is stopping you from giving it a try.

Island Delta

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Island Delta will take you through a thrilling adventure involving espionage, puzzles, explosions, and a gravity gun. The game takes various mechanics and tropes already used in gaming since it became mainstream and blends them in one seamless experience. There is nothing actually new to this game, but what it brings to the table is executed to a tee. The music is superb, the controls do the work just right, and the puzzles are reflex oriented. So you don't have to think that much, just be on the look out for danger. 

Special mention to the story, even though it retells an old story (villains, secret agents, etc) it is actually good, entertaining. The game goes for $1.99 on the App Store.

Cribbage with Grandpas

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Cribbage with Grandpas is exactly what its title describes it to be. You play Cribbage with your grandpa. I know, the concept seems simple and even boring. But once you try it, it is hard to put down. You start the game by creating your grandpa, down to his personality and everything. Right after that, he will teach you how to play Cribbage, the music sets in and then the magic happens, is almost like you are sitting down in a room of an old cozy house, playing with your grandpa. The game nails the feeling of another person being right there with you. I think its appeal is exactly that: you play a game, just as you would play chess, on your cell phone, but with and actual competent AI to keep you company.

For what it offers, the game is a little on the expensive side of things, at least from my point of view, with a $2.99 price tag. It is available right now in the App Store.

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