On April 12, 2017, Wright Flyer Studios launched a new JRPG under its wing, Another Eden. Expect the traditional JRPG storyline but with the option to explore towns and talk to NPCs.

If you're fond of JRPGs this game is for you. The game doesn't just let you choose which stage to complete but it lets you immerse in its world by doing a full blown exploration and story mode.

You can get to meet and have your party expand up to 4 characters and 2 back up. Of course, the best characters are available via the game's Gacha system.

The game is currently available in Japan's App Store and Google Play. Based on the big hype it received from players in Japan, we are hoping we can get our hands on this new JRPG in English.

It looks like this game is packed with a heavy storyline and the graphics looks amazing! As of this writing, Another Eden has Season 1 with 26 chapters.

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