January 18, 2017 - On 1/12, FFBE team announced that Ariana Grande is going to be a free 4★ unit in the game.

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Ariana Grande, one of the world's rising stars and a renowned singer will be showing how Dangerous of a Woman she is on Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius soon.

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source: https://www.facebook.com/arianagrande/

pretty lil thing holds her own in a room of men in suits ♡ I'm SO so excited to finally share that I'll be featured in FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS *crying* ♡ check out my character in the game, it's the cutest thing i've ever seen in my entire life and i'm so excited and in love with it i cannot contain myself. #FFBEWW
source: Ariana Grande

Posted just yesterday was a picture of a meeting between Grande together with (presumably) the FFBE staff. She also shared a video of how her character will be on the game.

The images shared by Ariana Grande garnered multiple reactions of yays and nays from every corner of the world. Here are what we've gotten so far.

She looks nice, it will be nice to have a another Buff/Healer character, if this unit can be awakened to 6* and have nice skills, i dgaf if it is Ariana Grande, Beyonce or Madonna, i want it !
source: Juliano Siqueira - Facebook

I wanted to download FF BE a lot of time ago, but if u'll be there I'll do it istnat! *-* <3
source: Alberto Zack Ibrisevic - Faceboook

Don't care for Arianna Grande but it would be HILARIOUS if they made her a top tier Character 6 star and a heavy hitter comparable to Exdeath or Lightning depending on what sort of damage she'll deal. All the haters would be scrambling to get her on the team 😂
source: Jamie A Matthews - Facebook

From those good comments, there are some players who are not so happy about the crossover.

We don't have Cloud, Sephiroth, Squall and Laguna but we're going to have her? SMH.
source: Zell Lafrades - Facebook

This is just stupid in so many ways. Why can't game developers pay a little more attention to what their playerbase actually want out of a franchise like Final Fantasy, instead of ridiculous marketing campaigns? Do they seriously think they'll get a better return with this stupid move rather than giving us Sephiroth or other iconic and lacking characters?
source: Eduardo Alves - Facebook

Can people get a refund for the money they spent when she's officially added? Don't get me wrong I extremely love her, and her music; but, a random celebrity being added to a fantasy game is just wrong :|
source: Paul Michael Uy - Facebook

Ariana Grande is a 23 year old American singer and actress. Currently, she has awards from American Music Awards, Music Business Association, MTV Video Music Award, MTV Europe Music Award, and Grammy nominations.

Will this Ariana Grande move on FFBE be successful? Are they going to give her a 6-star status? We will find out soon and we will of course give you an update.

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