From Square Enix's own line of action figures, Play Arts created a new figure of Cloud Strife. As one of Final Fantasy's iconic characters, this Cloud Strife action figure was first manufactured in 2008. 

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source: Suxatgames

After about 9 years from its initial release, Cloud Strife is getting an HD makeover in figure form. The people behind Play Arts gave him an improved color and sculpt.

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The details done on this new and improved Play Arts Kai: Cloud Strife is stunning compared to the figure released before. They also made the joints better to give him more flexibility on making action packed poses.

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Play Art Kai: Cloud Strife is currently $114.99 for pre-orders. It will be released on April 2017.

This new Play Arts Kai: Cloud Strife is going to be the eye catcher of your Final Fantasy Shrine. Just in case you already bought the first Cloud Strife, an HD twin doesn't sound bad at all.

Play Arts [ KAI ] focuses on making figures with improved articulation and more accessories. They also aim to make the figures slightly larger than their predecessors.

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