Fire Emblem Heroes made an announcement about an incoming April Updates, Grand Hero Battles Schedule, and Future Plans.

April Updates:

Inherit Skills and Merge Allies:

They initially aimed the release of Inherit Skills tomorrow, March 16, 16:00 JST. Once made available, merged allies can now also Inherit the Skill that was previously Inherited.

Minerva inherited Pavise (a Special Skill that can reduce the damage from adjacent foes' by 50%). The Minerva with Pavise Special Skill, if used as a source unit in merging, can give the Inherited Skill to a targeted Minerva. This will make the target Minerva stronger and also has the Pavise Special Skill.

Hero Merit for more Hero Feathers:

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Every time you use a Hero in battle, he or she will earn Hero Merit. This Hero Merit or HM is accumulated to acquire Hero Feathers. Duplicate heroes will share the HM earned.

New Combat Rules:

Fire Emblem Heroes will add two new rules in Battle.

• Defense: This is where you have to clear the map in a set number of turns. You have to defend against enemy attacks and also think about the number of turns to finish it.

• Reinforcements: Enemy reinforcements will appear in the map. On how many foes and how many turns, we have to find out next month.

Arena Scores and Matchmaking:

The current matchmaking in the Arena only calculates the total base stats of the characters. FE: Heroes will change it according to the following:

• Character levels and ★ rating.
• Number of bonuses gained from Merging Allies.
• Focusing on base stats without the effects from skills, and weapon skills.
• Equipped Skills.

Fire Emblem Heroes promises a better matchmaking system by implementing these changes. They also shared that this can slightly increase your scores on all difficulty settings.

Descriptions for Bonus Heroes in the Arena:

You will now see descriptions for the Bonus Heroes in the Arena. Currently, you can only see the Bonus Heroes in the Bonus Heroes table without any additional information.

Notification Adjustment:

Future FE:Heroes notification will now pop up once a day. You can always check the bulletin board in your castle to look back.

Heroes' Abilities Expansion:

Plans of expanding a Heroes' Abilities by equipping an item is in the works. They will release more information soon.

Grand Hero Battles Schedule:

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