Fire Emblem Heroes Official Twitter announced the Bonus Characters this incoming Season, March 21.

Fire Emblem Heroes | Lucius:

The Cleric who is always mistaken as a female. He is the best friend of Raven. A Colorless unit that wields a staff. He can be at par (stats wise) with Elise and Lissa but his skills are focused more on Healing.

Fire Emblem Heroes | Priscilla:

She is a Colorless Staff user that rides a cavalry. With these in mind, she has a 2 tile range and 3 tile movement. She is equipped with Panic that converts enemy bonuses to penalties. Of course, her Assists and Special Skills revolve around healing. Her Still-Water Balm is a great Skill as it can grant RES+4 for a turn to all allies the next time she heals an ally.

Fire Emblem Heroes | Karel:

He is a Red Swordsman with the movement speed of an Infantry. As a Red Orb Sword wielder, his DEF is surprisingly low at 25 DEF at max level. His RES is not that good as well at 20 RES. He owns a Wo Dao+ that can grant an additional +10 to his Special Skill. Speaking of his Special Skill, it is Reprisal, it can grant 30% more to his damage from damage suffered. It is no wonder he is called the Sword Demon because of these moves.

Fire Emblem Heroes | Ninian:

The beautiful Ninian is a Blue Dragon. She is of Dragon lineage from her mother Aenir. Her weapon is Light Breath+ that can grant adjacent allies DEF/RES+4 every time she goes into battle. Her Dance Assist skill moves her to one of the top units favored by a lot of players. Her Escape Route Passive Skill is also useful in making her escape her foe to live another turn.

Fire Emblem Heroes | Rebecca:

Rebecca is a Colorless Bow wielder. Her SPD, DEF, and RES can go at par with Takumi and Klein. Her Assist Skill Ardent Sacrifice can make her turn into a bow wielder unit to a support unit in no time. This skill can heal an adjacent ally 10 HP while losing her own 10 HP. Her Passive Skill Darting Blow is also eye-catching. This can grant her an additional SPD+6 if she initiates the attack.

Fire Emblem Heroes | Jaffar:

Jaffar is a Colorless Dagger wielder. His HP, ATK, and SPD greatly beat Kagero. The downside, his DEF can only go up to 20 and his RES to 17. That means, if he wasn't able to kill the opponent, the foe's counter might end him. His Weapon Deathly Dagger can help him KO the enemy by inflicting DEF/RES-7 and the addition of +7 Damage. His Passive Skill Life and Death is also good. This can grant Jaffar an ATK/SPD+5 and inflict DEF/RES-5 to the enemy.

Fire Emblem Heroes | Ursula:

Ursula is a Blue Tome unit riding a Cavalry. With her tome having 2 tile range and a cavalry that can move 3 tiles, Ursula can easily reach her opponent in no time. Blárwolf+, her weapon of choice, is effective against cavalry units. Her Passive Skill Death Blow can grant her ATK+6.

Fire Emblem Heroes | Azama, Carefree Monk

Azama is a Colorless Staff wielder. Just like Lucius, he also has Pain for Weapon and Martyr as one of his Assist Skill. The only difference is Azama's Special Skill and Passive Skill. Solid-Earth Balm, Azama's Special Skill, is a skill that if used with another Staff user can grant DEF+4 to all allies in 1 turn. His Passive Skill Threaten Attack can inflict a maximum of ATK-5 to foes within 2 tiles at the start of every turn.

Fire Emblem Heroes | Fir, Sword Student:

Fir is a Red Swordswoman with the speed on an Infantry. Her Weapon is Killing Edge+ with 11 Might Points. This Weapon can accelerate her Special Skill Chilling Wind or Glacies. Glacies can boost the damage dealt by 80% of her RES.

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