Fire Emblem Mobile, an upcoming smartphone game from Nintendo remains to be one elusive title as there are no news about its existence recently. That is, until something was found on another Nintendo App.

When is Fire Emblem Coming to Mobile?

A website called Cutting Room Floor recently found images in Miitomo that seems to be related to Fire Emblem. These images are maps whose art style bear a huge resemblance to Nintendo's iconic strategy role-playing franchise.

2016 12 15 14 10 14 fire emblem mobile map

The Cutting Room Floor is a site the usually digs data within games. Miitomo is Nintendo's first iOS app  where users interact through their avatars called "Mii"

2016 12 15 14 10 14 fire emblem mobile

While these are mere speculations, many thought these images are a sign of an impending Fire Emblem release on smartphones in the near future. Other's think this is purposedly done by Nintendo for Hype Marketing. Many, however, also think that Miitomo is simply getting Fire Emblem content and should not be interpreted as Nintendo trying to get interest for the Fire Emblem Mobile game.

With Pokemon Go's success, we imagine Nintendo now truly knows the value of the mobile space. With (hopefully) Super Mario Run's success, it will be an obvious move for Nintendo to never doubt and never ignore mobile again.

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