Previously called Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X, the hit KH mobile title is going to get a name change and will now be called Kingdom Hearts: Union X.

While marketed as a new game, it is still just an updated version of Unchained X. Because of that, players of the mobile title will be able to play as usual once the game update comes out this March.

What's New in Kingdom Hearts: Union X?

There will be a new mode called Unicon Cross. In this mode, the player will team up with other players in a party of 6 and take on quests and defeat enemies. So it's like an MMO in KH and mobile setting.

What's more, Square Enix promises new chapters to be added in this game.

Pre-registrations ongoing! What are the Pre-registration rewards?

If you pre-register for Kingdom Hearts: Union χ (Cross), and depending on the no. of players who will register, we will get the following rewards:

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• 10,000 registrations - 1,000 Jewels
• 20,000 registrations - 20,000 Jewels
• 30,000 registrations - 3,000 Jewels + Exclusive Medal X 3 (Sora and Roxas)
• 40,000 registrations - 4,000 Jewels + Exclusive Medal X 5 (Sora and Roxas)
• 50,000 registrations - 5,000 Jewels + Exclusive Medal X 7 (Sora and Roxas)

When is the Kingdom Heats: Union χ Release Date?

Square Enix announced that the game will soon be available on March 23 in Japan. It should be released in English eventually as there's an English webpage on Square Enix's KH website.

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