Lost Order is an upcoming Real-Time 3D RPG Battle game collaboration of some of the well-known companies in the gaming industry in this generation. This includes the some of the best Final Fantasy illustrators, Ogre Battles designers, and others.

Developed by Platinum Games, the company behind the hit game Bayonetta, this smartphone game is announced to be released in the Japan region this 2017. With no exact date said, further information will be announced early this year.

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Lost Order is set in the 19th century where magic directly influences with the era’s progress. The story starts when conflicts and gaps arise and threaten the peace and order within the society.

Lost Order is a game where players can team up with each other, go on different quests, fight bosses together, and much more. 

Promotional Video:

Game Information:

Aside from 3D graphics, the game showcases teamplay combat, equipment upgrades in a nature, and real-time combat. 

Apart from the main characters, Sub Characters are also there to spice up each quest. Currently, there are 4 primary characters and 2 sub-characters (support) that were announced to be in the game.

Lost Order gives its players easy-to-learn game mechanics. With that said, users can react swiftly according to the current situation during battles. 

According to Famitsu, the game is around 70% complete. From their articles, players can expect additional information about the game early this year. This might be in terms of the game settings, characters, and much more. 

Lost Order was first revealed during the Cygames' event last year. From then on, the company continues to proudly share the progress of the game to the public.


Main Characters:

2017 01 04 03 14 08 main chars

source: Famitsu - CV: 内山昴輝 & 石川界人

Rose/Rhodes/Roz & Blaze

2017 01 04 03 14 08 2 main

source: Famitsu - CV: 戸松遥 & 赤﨑千夏

Chelsea & Sean

Lost Order Coming to iOS & Android - 2017:

With a lot of exciting games coming out this year, we are sure that this one will be a big hit in the said region. Though there is no announcement for an English Version yet, we can still count on this company for they introduced some of their best games in the West back then.

Judging from the screenshots above, a touch from some Final Fantasy mobile games are clearly seen, especially in the character illustrations and overall theme of the game. The result of a collaboration among the finest gaming companies is one of the best things that players can look forward to in the games being introduced today.

I am excited to play this game since I know that there will be different stories for the characters.

Are you looking forward to this game? Let us know your insights below!

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