That's right, folks - Noctis and his friends from Final Fantasy XV will be gracing the world of Palamecia with a 15-day crossover collaboration campaign with Mobius Final Fantasy to commemorate FFXV as the latest main-number entry into the Final Fantasy franchise. The campaign is currently running in both the Japanese and Global versions of the game!

Global: From Friday, March 17, at 12:00 AM to Friday, March 31, at 11:59 PM PST (UTC-8)
Japan: From Friday, March 17 12:00 AM to Friday, March 31, at 11:59 PM GMT+9

So, what can you expect from this campaign?

1. Free Daily Summon

You can summon one free card each day during the campaign duration - which means a total of 15 cards for free! Cards are randomly drawn from the pool of ability cards available up till February. You will also receive an added bonus of 10,000 skillseeds of one type of elemental affinity.

Simply go to the Shop menu and look for the New Player's Free Summon Gacha.

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source: Mobius Final Fantasy © Square Enix.

Note that Job, Supreme, and FFXV cards are not included in this summon. Also, unclaimed free summon from the previous day will not be carried over to the next day, so be sure to log in and collect before it's too late.

2. Free FFXV Stamps

You can now bring along the FFXV crew to the multiplayer region - what's more, a total of 6 stamps will be included exclusively for this campaign.

The stamps will be sent to your Present Box. Aside from Noctis, all other characters will change every 3 days - so don't forget to log in!

The schedule is as follows:

3. Free FFXV Cards

You'll receive 2 free support cards during the campaign, both of which are ★4 fast learner cards (and you can't upgrade them to ★5). They will be sent to your Present Box during the following periods:

4. FFXV Cards Gacha

The first batch of FFXV ability cards is now available for summoning in the FFXV Limited Summons gacha through the Shop menu, running from March 17 to 25.

All FFXV ability cards will come as ★4 fast learners. You can augment them to ★5 but only in the Japanese version for now.

Here is an overview of Batch One cards:

[UPDATE!] Batch Two cards are now added to the limited summon! These will be available from March 26 to April 1:

You may also get a chance to obtain a Supreme card, "Unbreakable Bonds: FFXV", during the campaign from March 17 till April 1:

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