It is evident from recent events that Niantic Labs is really listening to players, with all the updates they are rolling out.

With the Pokemon Buddy update now integrated, the playing field has been truly leveled for everyone. Pokemon Go is published by Niantic Labs and was released in July 2016.

Pokemon Go is an Augmented-reality game released earlier this year. Though rollout to many countries was slow at first, many are now enjoying the challenge that the app gives.

With the popularity of Pokemon Go rising, it's hard for Niantic Labs to keep up with the demands of the community. More people than anticipated downloaded the long-awaited app, causing servers to slow or shut down altogether.

Most recently, was the Pokemon Buddy update. "Equipping" a specific Pokemon to your PoGo avatar would generate candy for you. Similar to Pokemon eggs, Buddies generate candy after a set distance is traveled. Different Pokemon will require different distance to generate the corresponding candy.

Aside from updating the app and deploying more servers to handle the demand of players, Niantic has also put a stop to cheaters and hackers. Those who use spoofing tools and anyone who attempts to tamper with the source code will be given an irreversible perma-ban.

A rumored update for next year might include some Generation II Pokemon.

Niantic Labs seems very responsive to the community, so if you're having an issue make sure to contact them!

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Pokemon Go on iOS and Android

Pokemon Go has been deployed to many countries already. So, it's a wonder if Niantic Labs won't continue to open up their game to other countries that have not had the app yet. Don't forget to have at least Android 4.4 or iOS 8. 

Keep playing to see if you can participate in future events to catch all the Legendaries that haven't yet been released.

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