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Nintendo's new console is set to be released this year, it is expected in March. GameSeek, a virtual video game store, is actually selling and pricing the console in the following link:

Though they are not selling the console right now, you can pay for it and pre-order it. It is listed for £198.50, which, to today's change rate, would translate to 241,44 USD. This seems to confirm what a Canadian branch of Toys R' Us published by mistake in the month of November. Listing the console for a price of 249,30 dollars. Both publications seem to oscillate over the same price so it wouldn't be a surprise if the console ends up costing 249,99 USD.

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This does not come as a big surprise, having into account the rumored specs of the console the price point shouldn't be that far of what is listed on the website. It is also important to note that Nintendo is making a big reveal this week and they will probably release the console's price in it, virtual stores like GameSeek could have just made a mistake and disclosed the price by a margin of days. Another thing to keep in mind is that they haven't taken down the listing, so it is possible they didn't even made a mistake and Nintendo allowed retailers to disclose the price this week.

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The Nintendo Switch is Nintendo's new console, and the successor of the Nintendo Wii U, which did not sell by Nintendo's expectations. A lot of information is circulating the web right now regarding the console's specs and functionalities, but most of it has not been confirmed by Nintendo. What we do know for sure is that the console's aim is to blend handheld and home gaming in one device. It is composed of a tablet that plugs into a dock to play at home, in a big T.V, and also plugs into two wireless, small controllers so you can play it on the go. 

Here is the official trailer by Nintendo.

Nintendo promised to reveal more information this week in an official console reveal event, probably this Tuesday, so it won't take long for us to know its confirmed specs and price.

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