Another year has passed and during those 365 days, developers released tons of games. Among all the games launched, what do you think was the best selling games in Japan?

We enumerate the 10 most bought games in the Land of the Rising Sun according to Famitsu. Read on and find out!

10. Minecraft - Playstation Vita Edition (397,607 units sold)

Minecraft is a three-dimensional sandbox game that allows players to build their own "world". It consists of cubes with different textures. It was initially released in 2011 on the PC and received various praises from critics and won awards.

There is no wonder that Minecraft is on the list since players have a freedom to do whatever they want to do in their world. It also has three modes to choose from: survival mode, creative mode, and adventure mode. Aside from that, retro gaming has made a comeback big time last year and probably this year too.

9. Splatoon (398,251 units sold)

Splatoon is a third person shooter by Nintendo that was made for the Nintendo Wii U. It stars Inklings that can swim, hide, and run through colored ink. These Inklings can transform into their human or squid forms. The default goal of the game is to cover the environment with their colored ink using a gun, bucket, or brush-based weaponry.

Even though Splatoon was launched in 2015, it is still gaining momentum as this third person shooter is pretty fun to play with. You will not see blood spilling out on this game, but bright splashes of colors. It is the battle of which team has the most colored environment. Players' Inklings can also hide beneath an ink puddle, which is really cool.

8. Kirby - Planet Robobot (479, 698 units sold)

Kirby: Planet Robobot is the fifteenth installment of the game. Just like most of the games in the series, Kirby can still absorb powers by inhaling enemies. In this new installment, he has additional Copy Abilities: Doctor, Poison, and ESP. The game also introduced players to Kirby's mech suit, the Robobot Armor.

Kirby's first release was in April of 1992 - Kirby's Dream Land. Tons of Kirby games later, the world still can't get enough of the game's upbeat music, artistic settings, and of course, Kirby's cuteness. Kirby: Planet Robobot is definitely a must have for Kirby fans all over the world - whether you've already grown or just meeting Kirby for the first time.

7. Yokai Watch 3 - Sukiyaki (509,667 units sold)

Yo-Kai Watch 3: Sukiyaki was released in Japan on December 15, 2016. It is a Role-playing Game and made exclusively for Nintendo 3DS. It is the third installation of the three-part game series of Yo-Kai Watch 3. The Yo-Kai Watch 3: Sukiyaki lets players go out and explore dungeons and collect hidden treasures. The game also has the ability to let them fight against the giant boss Yo-Kai.

Did you know that Yo-Kai Watch 3 is the first Yo-Kai Watch game that was set in a different country? It is also the first game where they introduced players in obtaining multiple Yo-Kai watch models within the same game. Aside from that, no one will object that their artwork is so kawaii!

6. Yo-Kai Sangokushi (563,395 units sold)

Yo-Kai Sangokushi is a collaboration of Koei and Level-5. It is for Nintendo 3DS gamers. The game is based from Koei's long-running Romance of The Three Kingdoms series and has a turn-based tactical RPG gameplay.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms has been in the gaming scene since 1985 and currently has 13 installments. With its kawaii characters and a fool proof story, it is no wonder that Yo-Kai Sangokushi is on the top 6 of the list.

5. Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 (623,083 units sold)

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