One Piece: Thousand Storm has been available for the Japanese market for quite some time now. Bandai Namco, the developer and publisher of the game, have decided to release the game this winter in the west, fully translated. Preparations have already started, with a pre-registration process now open for all players interested.

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The pre-registration process is rather simple, all you need to do is follow this link:

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Here you will be prompted with an iOS or Android registration. Once you choose your platform, you will need to register either with a Facebook, Twitter, or E-mail account. That is all you need to do.

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The idea behind the pre-registration is to receive treats upon the release of the game. The game will reward you with different prices depending on the number of players that successfully registered.

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The chart displays rewards depending on the number of players pre-registered. The last two tiers of rewards are left blank by the publisher. The only way to find what those are about is to register and hope at least 100.000 players also register. The publisher has stated that, once this number is reached, they will unveil the next two rewards tiers. 

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This screen cap is in Japanese since the localized version has not been released yet.

One Piece: Thousand Storm is a 3D Action - RPG, set in the world of One piece, specifically two arcs of the story: 2 years ago and New world, it features characters from both this story arcs. You can hunt for loot, explore the world, and engage in multiplayer fights with up to three friends.

Here is the trailer.

It is possible to play the game in its current language (Japanese) since various players have uploaded walkthroughs to YoutTube, helping non-Japanese speakers play through the game. There is also a very active community on Reddit, where you can get yourself up to date with everything related to the game in English.

The game doesn't have an exact release date yet, all we know is that it will be released sometime during winter this year. 

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