Platform: iOS and Android
Genre: RPG
Publisher: FUNGame
Developer: FUNGame
Release Date: August 2016
Website: https://pokeland.jodoplay.com/

About PokeLand Legends (Game of Monster: Legacy)

This game was likely an attempt to address the lack of Pokemon Go coverage for some regions. You can't step anywhere in this world without thinking you are playing some kind of Pokemon game. It feels like a mash-up between Pokemon Go, Pokemon GBC, and Pokemon GBA.

Remember the bonding you did with Pokemon starting in Generation 2? In the game, it is referred to as "intimacy." It gives you a smile, doesn't it?

There is no more functionality in this game, than in the original counterparts. You can also count on all these creatures to be called exactly who they are in Pokemon, with the same attacks under different names.

Game of Monster: Legacy (or PokeLand Legends) is out now for iOS and Android.


More Information

Welcome to the mysterious Monster land! This magic land is under the shadow of a horrible conspiracy now. Can you be the warrior to defeat dark forces and rescue adorable monsters?

I can't say anything about this game without it relating to the Pokemon brand, because this game IS Pokemon. One cannot say anything about this game without it relating to Pokemon, because the names of the creatures themselves are exactly the same!

You start out having to go to your mom for something, and then are told to visit Dr. Oak. Doesn't that name sound familiar? It's Professor Oak's clone if you weren't sure. I don't see anything in this game other than items themselves being different, and names having slight variations.

Even if this game isn't anything you hoped it would be, this game is good for a quick laugh.


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User Comments

Unreleased ? whats that mean? not official?

does nintendo approve of this or what? I hope they do this game looks awesome

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