Pikachu is one of the most popular Pokemon there is. It is loved by both men, women, and of all ages. This sparked a wide array of entrepreneurship ideas including a cup clinger.

Kitan Club, a novelty merchandise maker, has added a new batch to their Pikachu Cup Clingers.

Kitan Club initially released six Pikachu Cup Clingers on 2015. Pikachu fans can get from a Gacha machine for 300 JPY.

On this year's release, they will also release six more Pikachu Cup Clingers and one of them is going to be a special secret Pikachu.

These Pikachus are scheduled to be released on January 26, 2017. These Pikachu Cup Clingers can be yours for 300 JPY on capsule and box version.

These Pikachu Cup Clingers can be bought inside a box from a retail store or a capsule from a Gacha machine. Bear in mind that even if you bought one from a retail store, the content of the box is still going to be random.

The more Pikachu's you have, the merrier, right?

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