Rumors are circulating around the internet that Evee's name trick has been severely restricted now. What does this mean for the particular Pokemon? Are the developers planning something new in the works? Or have they determined it causes an imbalance between "veteran" players and new players?

Why the new patch?

The new Evee patch is rumored to have added Evee's Generation 2 Eeveelutions. But, this new update has appeared to come at the cost of something else.

Before this update, a player could evolve any Evee they had with a simple name trick. Name your creature either Sparky, Rainer, or Pyro and get Jolteon, Vaporeon, or Flareon. Now it is said that Niantic Labs has restricted this trick to once per player. If you've evolved one of them have named them any of the trainer names from the anime, that it is for you. The name trick evolution is now a one-time deal. At least, that's what the rumors are at the moment.

If it is true that Eeveelutions have been restricted with this new update, there is probably a correlation between that and seeing the evolved forms in the wild. The updates may not be seen as soon in the U.S.A. and other countries that were not slated for closed Alpha and Beta tests.

Generation II Eveelutions

In the Gen II games, the new Eeveelutions had to be evolved at certain times of day. Umbreon could only be evolved with a Moon Shard and friendship set to "night." Espeon could only be evolved with a Sun Shard and friendship set to "day." Will we have to hunt down Sun and Moon Shards to be able to get these creatures? And will we have to schedule our days to get these two?

The rumored slated release for the update that integrates Generation II is sometime in early 2017.

Final Statement

I'm both excited and disappointed with the news about the the Eevee patch. I like that we get to see Generation II Eeveelutions, but I really don't like that we can't get more First Gen Eeveelutions more than once now. 

Any thoughts on the patch restrictions? What about Generation II Pokemon joining the party? Let us know in the comments!

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