Do you feel like Pokemon Go may be lacking some authenticity to its catching of Pokemon? There are a couple of tools that are meant to enhance the experience, from third-party trackers to iPhone cases that make it super easy to throw a ball. But what if some of us want the feeling of throwing an actual Pokeball? I've got some news for you.

The Idea

One of the biggest things that self-proclaimed Pokemon Masters have been waiting for is now here. A start-up known as GamerReality has developed what they hope will be an excellent addition to every trainer's arsenal of tools for hunting Pokemon.

What the developer team is hoping for is a fully immersive experience with their new invention, a Pokeball companion device for Niantic Labs' Pokemon Go.

The Device

Above, you can see one of the devs taking the device for a test run. From the video, it shows that getting adjusted to the use of the device is no different than getting used to throwing a Pokeball through a screen. After a couple of tries, he successfully catches a Rattata.


I have to say, as someone who runs multiple apps on a phone at any given time, having my Pokeball as a back-up charger is great. My biggest regret is having my phone die, and my friend next to me screaming that there was a Chansey in front of us. It was one of my worst days as a trainer, and I've yet to see another Chansey in the area.


As you see from the above picture this is GamerReality's final design of the device. My favorite part has to be the durable rubbery foam that surrounds all the insides of the device. From what I can gather, it is not necessary to physically throw the ball, but who doesn't want to catch their first creature with a legit Pokeball?

Final Statement

There are multiple option for purchasing this device, from a single device, family pack, to an entire developer kit. One options seems to be good for those who have a team ready to get into app development.

It would be great to have just one of these devices, but imagine your team being able to catch creatures with the authentic feel. How would you feel being able to catch creatures this way? Would you like to get one now? Or will you wait and see where it goes? Let us know in the comments!

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