The official countdown in the Digimon website for their 20th anniversary has reached zero, and they have decided to celebrate it with a new version of the Digital Monster Device, now called Digimon digital pet device.

The device works as a Tamagotchi, with a male-oriented approach since, in its time, Tamagotchis were thought to be a device for girls

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These are the original devices, released 20 years ago

When raising a Digimon, you have to make sure that your pet, or monster, don't die of starvation. Aside from that, cleaning after him, and improving his stats to avoid getting it fat is also a part of the experience, with a special emphasis on improving its strength and overall fighting ability.

This was all done just as you would in a Tamagotchi. The difference was that you could find another person with a Digimon Pet device and fight them.

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Of course, there have been several iterations of these devices. With an especial one released in Digimon's 15th Anniversary. The new device will feature a new Digimon and it will be compatible with all previous versions of the device, among other important features.

These are the new, 20th anniversary devices

Each new device will come with an exclusive Digimon: Agumon for the brown version, and Gabumon for the gray version.

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Other than that, the devices will feature Monsters from all previous generations of devices. Various Digimon, including Dracomon and Hackmon, were released as exclusives for previous devices, these will also be available for the new one. With a new exclusive Digimon for the 20th Anniversary version named Zubamon.

Here is the new Digimon

A set of new features also include: the ability to raise two Digimon at the same time, something that could not be done before, and the option to battle other Digimon in a single player mode until you are defeated. This last option has an arcade feel to it because the intention is to defeat as many Digimon as possible with just one, always aiming for a new record. 

Also, by reaching certain conditions, Digimon can Digivolve to their ultimate stages. With fusions also playing a big part of the Digimon experience.

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In the later half of the 1990s, a D-1 Grand Prix took place. In this event, players would battle opponents from all over Japan. The new version will also allow players to upload their Digimon to the web and participate in a new version of the D-1 Grand Prix. More information on this will be released at a later date. 

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The new device comes as a nice surprise for Digimon fans, with not only new features and a new Digimon, but also the promise of a new D-1 Grand Prix, something that has not happened for almost 20 years. It is set to be released in Japan, in June and will be sold for 3,500 yen plus taxes. 

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