There's a new update for Pokemon Go, and people aren't sure what is going to happen. You will want to read up on the new update for the game and TOS. A lot of people may be angry, but the company has its reasons for deploying another update for the popular AR game.

Niantic Labs' Dealings With Cheaters in The Past

Because the initial tracking system for Pokemon Go was extremely buggy, many individuals took it upon themselves to develop better ways to track.

These apps were out for nearly as long as game. With the inaccuracy of the step tracker built into the game, things like Pokevision and FastPokeMap turned up.

Niantic Labs believes that the reason their servers have been going crazy are because of the strain these third-party apps. Perhaps each login from a third-party app is registered as another person logging onto the Niantic servers. In that sense, I can understand their problem with the apps.

Niantic Labs has very recently sent out cease and desist letters to third-party developers of tracker apps.

What Happens Now

Niantic Labs has promised to bring down the ban hammer on anyone cheating while playing Pokemon Go. It outlines clearly in its TOS that use of third-party apps are prohibited. If you're playing the game on your phone through an APK, that also counts as a violation.

The levels of punishment for violation vary. It could be any of the following:

- a warning issued for suspicious gameplay
-temporary suspension from the game
- for serious or repeated offense, a permanent ban

Location spoofing has not escaped the developer's line of sight. This is also an offense they intend to punish. Playing from a PC was great for those with limited mobility, but with the serious tone the new rules are taking will make it impossible to play from a computer.

Final Thoughts

I'm sure many people are celebrating this news from Niantic Labs. It will balance everything out and level the playing field for those who began playing in the way developers intended. If you do decide to give it a hand at continuing on a PC, tell us how it goes.

Do you think will improve the game? Should they give third-party developers a shot at being the go-to tracker for their app? Let us know in the comments!

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