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The free demo was released on December 22nd of this year and we got to try the up and coming action role-playing game developed by Platinum Games and published by Square Enix. We give you a detailed info on the entire free demo experience!

Here's a trailer of the game if you haven't seen it yet:


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Invaders from another world called "machine lifeforms" came to Earth and as a result, humans took refuge on the moon and stayed there. While seeking refuge, humans developed YoRHa, android soldiers who were made to fight the machine lifeforms. 

In the free demo, you will be playing as YoRHa No. 2 Type B or "2B" for short. Your mission is to investigate an abandoned factory where machine lifeforms have been reported to be creating a large-scale weapon and you are tasked to seek and destroy it.


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YoRHa No. 2 Type B also known as "2B", who you'll be playing as in the demo.

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YoRHa No. 9 Type S also known as "9S". He assists 2B in their mission.

Boss Fights

There's about a total of 3 boss fights in the demo but the first two are minor bosses while the last one is the main boss of the game.

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The first boss of the game you will be fighting against is a giant machine of death that's ready to cut you to pieces. It releases red blobs of pain that you need to be careful for. Thank fully, those are easily avoidable. What you need to focus on is when it starts to squash you flat so you have to quickly dodge that.

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In the first mini boss, you have one death machine after you. For this round, it's the second mini boss of the game with two death machine-like arms ready to wreck you. Depending on the difficulty you're playing and your level of skill, this one's pretty easy though you need to be careful when it tries to squash you between them. You have to be able to evade them pretty quickly.

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This one is the last and main boss of the game demo. As if two machines of death weren't enough, now you have to face a colossal mechanical beast ready to obliterate you. It's fairly easy to fight depending on your difficulty and skill level. This colossal death machine releases red blobs of pain that you have to watch out for and it also tries to kill you by destroying the bridge you're standing on.  

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