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Prior to the release of the reveal trailer, the Nintendo Switch, formerly known as the "Nintendo NX", was a highly-anticipated gaming console that was surrounded by a lot of rumors and speculations. But now that a lot has been revealed in the release video on October 20, the Nintendo Switch has received a lot of mixed reactions from fans and critics alike. Nevertheless, everyone is eager to know more about the console.

One of the things the people are looking forward to the most is the pricing for the Nintendo Switch. The price for the Switch is crucial and might as well be the deciding factor as to whether the consumers will be interested in buying or turn their heads and walk away. 

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Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo's latest console (until Nintendo Switch is released)

As usual, there has been a lot of speculations about the would-be price for the Switch. Some say that it will be close to the price of the Wii U which released and priced at $349.99 at the launch. Some say that this will be the most probable scenario due to the fact that the Switch's unique setup (a portable tv console hybrid) is close to the Wii U's and so, we should expect that it would be around that price range.

There have also been multiple reports of online game retailers posting up pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch with placeholder prices. One of these stores is the UK game retailer, Tesco, which put up a pre-order page for the console with a price of  £349.99 (or $380). It didn't last long though, as it was later taken off the site. A few users were able to spot it before they removed the price.

@nintendolife Bugger! Already changed it. Was up for £349.99 earlier

Another one is the Australian game retailer EB Games which put a placeholder price of $999 AUD (or around $766) on the console which made a lot of would-buyers sweat due to the higher than expected price. Here's what the listing looks like on their site:

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Whatever the price may be, one thing is sure-- Nintendo needs to gain back the profit they lost from the weak sales of the Wii U. Currently, the Wii U is the most expensive console in Nintendo's line-up. But after their flop with the Wii U, Nintendo is bound to reconsider (or rather, should reconsider) bringing that price tag up any higher. But for now, let's wait for more news regarding the Nintendo Switch.

How about you? What's your take on the Nintendo Switch's price? How much are you willing to pay for Nintendo's next gen console? Let us know in the comments below!

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