Rerolling is a system in Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius in which players continue to restart the game in hopes of getting stronger characters.

The idea is to get characters that can take the player to the end game, or simply get the character they want. Since Brave Exvius features the entire FF library, it is just natural for players to try their luck to get their favorites.

But of course, some players refuse to reroll, choosing to let the game run its natural course.

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These couple of Non-reroll Redditors shared their team and were pretty much happy about what they got!


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Well, looking at their characters above, it seems they are really lucky to get good ones, like Golbez or Vaan. In my own experience though, I did not reroll because I knew it's a bit time-consuming. However, I had a lot of summon tickets, which I use to summon characters and got some really cool 5 stars!

So did you reroll or not? Will you share with us your Brave Exvius party? :)

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