Fans of the otome game genre have been rapidly growing in size, and that is why Japanese companies and international publishers are now devoting their strengths to localizing various female-oriented titles.

One of these upcoming English releases is Ozmafia!!, a romance visual novel made by a two-man team called Poni-Pachet. Surprisingly, for a game created by a rather new developer, it's become a pretty big success and has caught the attention of international otome fans since its release in 2012.


Our heroine has amnesia and finds herself in a familiar town full of mafia families. She gets picked by one of them, the Oz family. They’re not just any family though, they are the Wizard of OZ characters, with the leader being the Lion Caramia, and his two right hand men the Scarecrow Kyrie and the Tin Man Axel. They give her the name Fuka and from that day on she spends her days being a freeloader and interacting with other mafia families in town.

Two of the reasons behind the game's popularity are the following: its art bears resemblance to that of Diabolik Lovers, due to the fact that they were made by the same artist; and its plot is basically a mash-up of different fairytales.


In 2014, Poni-Pachet announced that they were working on an English version of the said game.

From this announcement, we can already see that the development team has had this piracy concern since two years ago, but they still managed to complete the aforementioned project.

Yumas' Plea

On 14th March this year, one of the game's creators called "Yumas" tweeted a very important message to Ozmafia!!'s international fans.

Yumas ended his tweet with "This is a serious issue, you see!"

In short, Yumas is still undoubtedly anxious about international players illegally downloading Ozmafia!!'s upcoming English release. However, it is worth noting that despite his concerns, Poni-Pachet still gives all of us the benefit of the doubt and lets us enjoy the game in a language we're most accustomed with.

A Fan's Response

Girl gamer Rememry posted Yumas' message on her Tumblr blog, together with a bunch of tips for otome fans who are on a tight budget.

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