Don't let the psychedelic facade fool you, PinOut! is one long trip. You don't have to face the neon highway alone! Here's our advice on how to make the most of your pinball paradise.


The name of the game is 'distance'. How far you travel is directly related to your score. But once it's game over, you start right back at the beginning. This can be a little more than frustrating, so to prevent potentially flying phones, developers have included a one-time in-app purchase to unlock checkpoints. Once purchased, you can start from the last checkpoint you rolled through instead of back at level 1. Be warned: you can still slip through checkpoints to the last level!


Acquiring colored orbs will award you either power-ups or mini-games. Mini-games are pretty cool, since they give you a small break away from the level-grinding action. They last as long as you can survive, and then drop you right back into your game.

Power-ups, on the other hand, play by their own rules by usually giving players the option to pick between two abilities. Below is a list of power-ups to be on the look-out for:

Time Freeze: Stops the clock for ten flips. Most helpful if your aim is decent.
Slow Motion: Slows time. Good for practicing a difficult shot.
Warp: Instantly teleports you beyond part of a level. 
Push: Manually move your ball in any direction with a swipe of your finger.
Time Doubler: Time additions are doubled for the duration of this power-up.
Motion Link: Time only counts down while the ball is moving.

Flipping The Flippers

If you're feeling like the game's mechanics are just a bit off, you aren't alone. Players report that the physics seem lightly skewed in favor of playability. That is to say, the ball slows as it nears the paddles, allowing the player greater versatility when preparing to launch. Although this may feel strange at first, it's a function you get used to. Amid the many colorful aspects of the game, this one is easily overlooked, yet may serve you best should one master it.

It's really remarkable how much there is to this deceptively simple pinball game. Skill alone can only take you so far, and players will need to carefully ration their time to beat this mammoth-sized course. If you've got pinball fever, don't forget to leave a comment below with your high score! 

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