Have you gotten the hang of catching Pokemon or are you still struggling to make each PokeBall count? Are you having fun merely exploring the outdoors, or have you started wishing you could do more than just catching 'em all? Have you caught enough Eevees to own every possible Eeveelution? If you think you're ready to take a leap forward in your journey to become the ultimate Pokemon Master, here are some Pokemon Go pro tips for you!

Note: The following information have been translated from a Japanese article on Engadget accessible via the link below.

Throwing The PokeBall Effectively

If I remember correctly, I wasted about 8 PokeBalls before I finally managed to catch my very first Pokemon. Blame my poor hand-eye coordination all you want, but in reality, many people are finding it hard to catch these cutie pocket monsters in their first throw. Using PokeBalls efficiently is a beneficial skill to learn, especially for Trainers like me who live in places with few PokeStops around them.

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The trick is to flick the ball toward the leftmost side of the screen (as shown in the above photo). From that position, flick it upward, making sure that it forms a straight line. By doing so, the PokeBall will curve rightward and directly hit the Pokemon.

If it didn't work well, either try moving the PokeBall more toward the left edge of the screen, or adjust your flick speed. Once you've mastered it, you'll finally be able to exact your sweet revenge on those pesky Zubats!

But that's not all! When you're confident about your PokeBall-flicking skills, there's another thing you can try.

You may think that the above trick's odd and quite impossible, but it's not. Players who are good at timing their flicks are experts on this one. However, it's been observed that it only works if you're playing on the iPhone, but Android users may need to adjust the timing when they let go of the PokeBall depending on their device's model.

Level Up Fast

The efficient use of Lucky Eggs is crucial in raising your level.

First, fill your Pokedex with the following Pokemon: Caterpie, Weedle, Pidgey, and Rattata. Then, save enough candies to evolve 70 Pokemon. The trick here is to evolve only within the duration of the Lucky Egg to make the most out of its EXP boost. The first three Pokemon are very common and can be evolved using 12 candies, while Rattata needs 25 candies.

In doing so, you can earn 70,000 EXP in 30 minutes! That means that if you're a Level 1 Trainer, you can reach Level 12 in an instant!

Also, you might want to either make a list of the Pokemon you want to evolve or put a star in their names to make things easy for you.

Eeveelution Trick

Our favourite tiny fox evolves into three different first generation Pokemon randomly. In order to make sure you get the Eeveelution you want, here is a simple, yet proven trick: rename your Eevee into "Sparky" to get a Jolteon, "Rainer" for a Vaporeon, and "Pyro" for a Flareon.

The above nicknames probably ring a bell to fans of the original Pokemon anime, since they are the names of the proud Eevee Brothers. Remember these guys?


1. What is that rustling effect on the map?
It's an indication that there might be a Pokemon hiding in that spot. If you walk close enough and that spot gets inside your range (circle), then it might just jump out.

2. Is it necessary to strengthen my Pokemon before evolving it?
It's been confirmed that there is no difference between a Pokemon that has levelled up before proceeding to evolution, and one that hasn't gain any level yet. In other words, it's not necessary.

3. Is the size of the Pokemon related to its Combat Points (strength)?
It's been proven that there isn't any relation between the two attributes.

4. How do I obtain Great Balls, Ultra Balls, and Master Balls?
You can get Great Balls from PokeStops upon reaching level 12. These should be used for high CP Pokemon until you reach level 20, when Ultra Balls become available for purchase. As for Master Balls which are the strongest PokeBalls you can ever have in the game, you can obtain them after reaching level 30. Make sure to save these for rare Pokemon!
5. I've got a lot of items and my inventory is full! Which ones should I throw away?

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