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On the August 24, 2016 Pokemon Go update, Niantic added a new job description to the Pokemon Go Team Leaders and that is they will now appraise your Pokemon.

Using the appraise button, you will be able to call upon your Team Leader to assess the Pokemon you caught, evolved or hatched. You will get different responses based on your Pokemon's stats (Nope, it is not just random and we'll explain more).

Pokemon Go Appraisal Analysis

Team Valor - Candela

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Team Valor is in it to win it! Candela's speech just before you choose a team sums up to what Pokemon Trainers are taught to do --- to bond with your Pokemon, train them, and be the best Pokemon Master!

Team Mascot: Moltres, The legendary fire bird.

As they say, whatever color you have you will still bleed red. Here's what Team Valor's leader has to say to your Pokemon and what it means.

"Pokemon are stronger than humans, and they’re warmhearted too! I’m researching ways to enhance Pokemon’s natural power in the pursuit of true strength. There’s no doubt that the Pokemon our team have trained are the strongest in battle! Are you ready?"
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Overall Pokemon Analysis:

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Pokemon Stats Analysis:

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Pokemon Size:

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Ending Statement:

Hope I was able to help. Take care!
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Team Mystic - Blanche

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