Pokemon Go has been released in Australia and the US on July 6 2016. Along with other countries, including Brazil (the site of the OIympics), these countries have been enjoying the hit Pokemon game ever since. 

(minus the server downtime.)

Pokemon Go players have been posting a lot of pictures, tweets, and videos about the game What's the result? The envy of many other countries wanting to play the game.

However, now that majority of Europe and even Brazil (and nearby countries) already got Pokemon Go, it is likely that more countries in South America will follow. So the question now is: How long should Asia wait?

Pokemon Go Asia: How Long Should We Wait

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Of course, Niantic is slowly but surely trying to reach out the rest of the world. Due to the huge demand of servers, which usually crash, Niantic is trying to catch up with the demand  - thus the very slow worldwide release.

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The first Pokemon Go release in Asia was in Japan on July 22, 2016. It was followed by Hong Kong on July 25. The most recent one in the world was in Latin America and the Caribbean, which was just released August 3rd.

The rest of the world namely India, Indonesia, Israel, Malaysia, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam, etc have to wait a couple of weeks and probably months to get their hands on the game.

Of course, there's this one country who will not get Pokemon Go. And that's China:

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It seems the servers are not enough to handle the traffic from Pokemon Go Player.

Think about it this way: In an elevator that is good for five people can function normally with just five or less. However, if you overload it, it will fail and all the people inside will get stuck.

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Remember that APK download? It will not work now on unreleased countries because of Geoblocking Niantic did to lessen the traffic. I guess the only thing to do is WAIT. WAIT. ANTICIPATE. and another WAIT!

Some Reactions from the Pokemon Go Community:

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We found a Reddit thread about Pokemon Go releases and stumbled upon some comments ranting about the release of Pokemon Go.

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