CP (Combat Power) isn't a relatively new concept, but the system for it in Pokemon Go seems to be. Some players think it is a completely random throw of the dice to get a certain CP when evolving a Pokemon. There's a good chance that it is not the case. Let's take a look at some of the reasons why.

Randomness of Pokemon Go CP

The answer to whether or not CP is random is both yes and no. There is a range of CP for Pokemon encounters based on a player's level. The "random" part is whether or not the number will directly correlate to the player. 

For example, a level 5 Trainer can expect to encounter Wild Pokemon with CP in the range of 10-60+, while a level 15 Trainer can expect 10-500+. In this way, the range only widens, never narrowing the chance of finding a weaker specimen. 

CP for hatched eggs also works in this way. While the range is not random, the chances of hatching a Pokemon with a high level of CP is. You can increase this chance by leveling your Trainer, and there are plenty of ways to do this.

Leveling Your Trainer in Pokemon Go

Friends and I have dubbed this the "Lucky Egg" trick (although, a lot of people probably refer to it this way). If you have a couple of Pokemon to evolve, try and hold off. Equip your trainer with a Lucky Egg, and if you have enough candies, let loose with the evolutions. This should give you a drastic amount of XP, likely increasing your level. With this, you should see anything from a slight increase to a drastic increase in the CP of wild Pokemon you encounter.

In addition, evolving a Pokemon garners 500 XP, even if you've already registered that creature in the Pokedex. So, if you have a bunch of Pidgeys, feel free to level them all up.

Evolution and CP in Pokemon Go

This seems a little easier to explain. Take this line of the Pidgey family for example. If you were to increase the CP of the Pidgey with candy and max it out, CP may double after evolution. The Pidgeotto's capacity will be maxed just like the Pidgey you had before. As you level your Trainer, it is possible to increase the CP of your Pokemon, even if they are evolved.

I've found that for certain Pokemon, CP may double after evolution. But for others, there might only be a couple hundred CP added to what the base form had before.

Final Thoughts

I don't think I'm done looking at how the CP works. I've been puzzled by my evolutions of Evee, since one's evolution seemed to double the XP, and the other seemed to only get a few more than it had before.

What are your thoughts on CP? Have you figured out a formula? Let us know in the comments!

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