Pokemon Go Eggs 101 Update:

July 11, 2016
- Added information on where to find Pokemon eggs.
- Added information on walking or driving to hatch eggs.
- Added information on hatching multiple eggs.


Pokemon games have continued to add more and more to the games as time has progressed. As new systems were introduced each generation, there had to be new traits for each of those systems. What's the difference between eggs in Pokemon Go and when they were first introduced?

Introduction of Eggs to Pokemon Series

Breeding Pokemon began with Generation II. It was done by leaving two compatible Pokemon at a Pokemon Daycare and waiting a specific amount of time. The type of Egg received would vary depending on the species of Pokemon a player had together.

As the series evolved and gained new installments, new Eggs and breeding combinations were introduced. It was also possible for the hatched Pokemon to learn moves as it evolved. Sometimes, these were moves passed down from a parent Pokemon.

In past generations, it took about 255 to 256 steps for an Egg to hatch. This was measured by the steps a player's avatar took during gameplay.

Eggs in Pokemon GO

The main different between the predecessor and Pokemon GO is the steps it takes for hatching an Egg. You are going to have to like going outside if you want to hatch the Eggs you find in the game.

It won't just be your avatar taking steps in the game to hatch the Eggs you find. You'll have to physically get up and walk around. It takes a little over half a mile (0.625 miles/1.00584km) to get those things to crack open.

The distance a person walks won't be the only requirement for an Egg to hatch, though. Players will also need to acquire an Egg Incubator (purchased for Pokecoins) and place it inside. After traveling the designated distance, it will hatch.

Incubators, unfortunately, will break after a certain amount of uses. Another will then have to be purchased at the Pokemart.

Where to find Pokemon Eggs?

You can get Pokemon Eggs in every PokeStops. Now don't fret that you didn't receive any on your first PokeStop, you can always comeback or try another Poke Stop and hope that it can reward you a Pokemon Egg aside from the usual Pokeball. 

Walking or Driving?

A lot of you might think of cheating the game by driving around to hatch the Pokemon egg. Sorry to say that the game can detect if you are actually walking or driving like a pedometer app. So have your comfy pair of sneakers and walk around, you might need a few minutes of cardio anyway.

Multiple Eggs

Yes, you can definitely try to hatch multiple eggs at the same time and of course, you will be needing incubators to hatch them. Your walking distance will apply to all the eggs inside the incubators thus saving you time and effort.

Note: These eggs can contain Pokemons not available in your area so you might want to hatch and collect a lot of eggs from Poke Stops.

Closing Statement

If you want to be the very best, you'll have to go exploring. Take your phone with you everywhere you go, and collect all the Eggs you can. Do you have what it takes? Are you determined to collect and hatch all the Eggs you need to? Let us know in the comments!

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