As the beta-test is currently ongoing in Japan, we are all lucky to find some relevant information about Pokemon Go - straight from various sources; be it Reddit, YouTube, or Twitter. We made this Pokemon Go FAQ to answer some common questions about this upcoming Pokemon game.

It is important to note that some of this information are from the current Pokemon Go Beta-Test. These things might not be final and may not make it in the official release.

When is Pokemon Go's release date?

No one know when the game is to be released, but it sure will be this 2016. We are waiting for Niantic to announce the date. So far the Beta test in Japan have started last March 29, 2016.

Is Pokemon Go Free?

Pokemon Go is free to download but to be able to experience more, like better PokeBalls, food, and battle items, there will be available in-app purchases. Those are not required though to enjoy the game.

Does Pokemon Go uses my smartphone camera?

Yes, it is an Augmented Reality game. Do take note that the AR mode is optional when encountering Pokemon and battling at a gym.

Will Pokemon Go drain my battery?

Depending on how you play Pokemon Go, it is recommended that players have a ready battery pack / powerbank for charging. What if you are in the mountains searching for a Groudon....

What devices does Pokemon Go supports?

Any smartphone that runs on Android v4.3+ or sOS for iPhone 5 or later.

Is the Pokemon Go Plus wristband necessary for playing?

It is not necessary. However, if you want full gameplay that is a lot more convenient, you would want to try using it.

What are the Pokemon available in Pokemon Go?

In the field test app, it only includes the original 151 Pokemon.

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