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One day you decided to do a Pokemon hunting spree to probably catch up with your friends who currently have 100 Pokemon caught on their Pokedex. Just before you go out of the house, we will give you eight essential items, the ultimate Pokemon Go Gear that you must have before you go on your quest and be like Ash, Misty, or Brock!

8. Umbrella

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On the number 8th must-have is an umbrella! It can shield you from the sun's devastating heat, give you a shade or help you go down that PokeGym even if it's raining! You don't want your Pokemon catching machine AKA mobile phone wet (unless it's waterproof!)!

7. Sun block, Sun Glasses, Cap

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If you can do a mean Mirror Coat like this Glaceon or by a Wobbuffet then you're good. But if not, make sure to coat yourself with a good SPF sunscreen and arm yourself with a cap and sunglasses before you go out and greet the sun hello! This will avoid any sunburns and other skin related problems.  

6. Pokemon Go Clothes (or maybe just normal clothes)

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Well, if you want to do some Pokemon Go cosplays then that is great! Be whoever you want to be while catching Pokemon! Or if you just want to be a plain Joe or Jane, have an extra shirt or clothes ready. You'll never know what will happen, too sweaty? thunderstorm? or stepped on a puddle of mud? You can always be clean and ready to face another Pokemon challenge.

5. Water and Food

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Food and water is definitely on the list, especially water! You don't know where you'll end up if you're too busy catching and tracking down a Pokemon. Who knows, one of these days you might be in the middle of nowhere or somewhere far away from the civilization hunting down a Zapdos?

4. Pepper Spray or Anything for Defense

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