Japanese Pokemon Go players are at it again with the strange discoveries! This time, they have been tweeting screenshots of what seem to be Pokemon hybrids, which are of course, Pokemon Go Glitches.

While it's a bit disgusting to imagine two different pocket monsters mating to produce these mixed-breed offsprings which, of course, aren't real at all, it's fun to look at these graphic glitches that happen when the game gets confused and mashes two nearby Pokemon together.

Now, here's a little challenge: give these hybrids a new name!

Doduo x Venonat = Donat?

NicoNicoLive game broadcaster Takayaaan tweeted this fluffy little bug+bird Pokemon hybrid. With three heads, I'm guessing it's good at dodging your PokeBalls.

Arbok's Feast

It looks as if this scaly, slithering Pokemon has had a lucky catch--two Pidgeys for lunch! However, it seems that the preys have learned a new skill that fuses them back-to-back with the predator as to not be eaten.

Fallout x Pokemon Go Crossover?

This one reminds me of 2-headed Brahmins in the Fallout games. Did these Rattata bathe in irradiated water, fusing them together?


Two Slowpokes feasting on a poor Magikarp in the middle of the road. What a time to be alive!

Buttslap Psyduck

Inappropriate behaviour! Even Poliwhirl is shocked!

Doduo + Geodude = Dodude?

Two heads, two arms and fists, two feet, one body. How's that for balance?

A Precious Moment For Mother Doduo

This Doduo has been blessed with an Exeggcute! Laying 6 eggs at a time? What a feat!


This just blows my mind. I can't... How does it move?!

Doduo + Tangela = Dogela?

Former CTO of Livedoor and Japanese developer/blogger Dan Kogai shared this slightly adorable abomination on his Twitter account.

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