Every game has them, and sometimes they can make or break a game. Some can make your avatar suffer an early death, and others may activate some unintended ability or pick-up. Remember MissingNo. and what it was able to do? What glitches have we already seen and what can we expect from Pokemon Go?

Glitches, Glitches, and More Glitches

One of the most frustrating parts of a mobile game is when it won't work. But, there are times when glitches will not stop the app, but create oddities in the base coding. So here's a list of some of the interesting Pokemon Go glitches and errors.

1. Pokemon Go Holy Land - Sokcho, South Korea

Above is a map of South Korea. In the yellow are the areas that Google Maps is restricted from, making it impossible to play Pokemon GO. The purple circle in the North East area of the map is the best place to play the game in the few spots Google Maps is allowed.

Because of the restrictions regarding Google Maps, this causes an overabundance of Pokemon in the beach town of Sokcho, South Korea. There is such a large demand from mobile is South Korea to play Pokemon Go, as such, the town has been bombarded by tourists. Bus tickets have been sold out for a week and travel websites are now offering shuttle buses and discounts to popular hotels.

It's amazing what impact a map's restrictions can have on a game.

2. Updates

Regarding both Android and iOS systems, it's important to keep Pokemon GO updated. With the release of the app barely over a week, users are bound to have issues. If you're experiencing load time issues, check to see that your phone has the most recent release of the game.

2. Pokemon Go Freezing

If you are having issues with Pokemon Go freezing, set the phone down and take a step back. After taking a deep breath, pick your phone back up. Many outlets are reporting that users who solved the problem did the following:

Go to the "mobile data" settings (on Android), and tap "enable lte." After tapping, slide the bar  next to "lte enabled" into the off position. This is said to greatly reduce freezing.

3. Freezing Pokeball Glitch

This is another common problem among Pokemon Go users. If you are having problems with this, do not restart your app. Wait a few seconds for the visuals to catch up. According users on The Silph Road, Pokemon Go's subreddit, this is a strictly visual glitch. They state that if the catch wasn't successful, the Pokemon would have escaped.

4. Location Errors

This seems to be an easy issue to get past. In your phone's settings menu, go to location settings and switch it to the "on" position. The red banner at the top should be gone when you return to Pokemon Go.

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