Pokemon Go is an augmented reality location-based game by Niantic. This game is a dream come true for Pokemon Trainers since the game launched in 1996 on the Nintendo Game Boy.

The thrill of catching a Pokemon in your own backyard and sometimes inside your room excites Trainers worldwide. The quest of having all 150 Pokemon caught is definitely the ultimate goal aside from being the best Pokemon Trainer!

On this Halloween Season, Pokemon Go is giving their loyal trainers a treat. Introducing Pokemon Go Halloween Event. 

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You will get to enjoy this Pokemon Go Halloween Event today, October 26, 2016 to November 1.

The perks?

Instead of getting 3 Candies per Pokemon catch, they doubled it and made it 6 Candies.

Professor Willow also joined in the fun by giving 2 Candies instead of 1 Candy every time you transfer a Pokemon.

More candies, more fun! Your buddy will earn 4x faster than normal to give you those sweet goodies.

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Aside from the perks listed above there are also an increase on the spawn rates of the following Pokemons listed below. Ultimate Spookfest!


Are you ready trainers? Have your Pokeballs ready and they are coming! More candies this Halloween season with Pokemon Go means sating your candy hunger plus bigger chances of evolving and powering up your Pokemons.

What are you waiting for? Go out and catch those Pokemon and let us hope you get that Pokemon with the devilish smile - Gengar!

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