As Niantic launches Pokemon Go in several countries across Asia and South America, we return our attention to Japan - the birthplace of Pokemon and crazy Pokemon Go memes.

Pokemon GO Japan

Today, we went on a seach in the world wide web for the best places to hunt Pokemon in the world. We are down to some and stopped by in the land where it all started, Japan.

Japan is where Pokemon was born, raised and developed. Different generations have passed and until today, the Pokemania is still strong as ever in its home country. The game successfully presented itself as something that can be played by kids and adults alike, with some players going all out in devising strategies, breeding, perfecting IVs, etc.

Even right now, when I walk down the train stations in Tokyo, I keep seeing older people (around 30-40 years old) holding their smartphones and playing Pokemon Go.

If you can remember, Pokemon GO was released in Japan last July 21st, and back then, server issues really hit it out like crazy.

Of course, those server issues are nothing compared to fun the game brings, with each swipe in battles and circling of Pokestop signs.

And with that, you probably know already, just how many Pokestops there are and how many people are playing Pokemon Go in the country. Without further ado, here are some places to catch Pokemon in Tokyo, Japan!

6. Tokyo Tower (Shibakoen, Minato-Ku)

The Tokyo Tower is one of the most visited landmarks in the country. You better check your pokedex as you roam around the area. 

5. Ueno Park (Ueno, Taito-Ku)

This well-known park is a must-see place in Tokyo. In this area, you will surely see a lot of PokeStops you can use to get those extra Pokeballs in your pocket.

4. Roppongi Hills (Roppongi, Minato-Ku)

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