It's important to be well-supplied with the proper equipment while hunting for Pokemon in Pokemon Go. But, depending on your location in the world, Pokestops may be very hard to find. If it's too hard to resupply by exploring, there is always the Pokemart in Pokemon GO.


100 Pokecoins = $1.49
550 Pokecoins - $7.99
1,200 Pokecoins = $14.99
2,500 Pokecoins = $30.99
5,200 Pokecoins = $62.99
14,500 Pokecoins = $159.99

These are the current available packages for Pokecoins. Currently, this virtual currency is how Trainers buy things like Lures, Pokeballs, and Eggs from the Pokemart. Depending on your physical activity in regards to the game, it might be good to invest in the 3rd coin package if you have the luxury.


Pokeballs are known to be found at Pokestops in the game. But there are packages one can buy, so as not to exert too much effort in exploration. The price of Pokeball packages range from 100 from 850. Take care to save up those coins if you are looking to purchase the biggest package.

Pokemon GO Incense

1 Incense = 80 Pokecoins
8 Incense = 500 Pokecoins
25 Incense = 1250 Pokecoins

These are the current prices for Pokemon GO incense. These particular items (if you don't already know) are used to lure Pokemon wherever you are. It will draw in any nearby Pokemon to the location you place it in.

Pokemon GO Lucky Eggs

The prices for the Lucky Egg range between 80 Pokecoins for a single one (pictured above) to 1250 Pokecoins for 25 Lucky Eggs.  As stated in the above image, the items will double the XP gained. In previous installments, it was the Pokemon who held these items as the player moved around the digital world.

Lures and Egg Incubator

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