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About Pokemon Go Plus:

Pokemon Go is a game that uses what is known as "Augmented Reality." This means that the game integrates real world locations to create variables within the game a user has on their device, generating its own locations and creatures. Have you ever thought about catching Pokemon while you are out shopping for groceries or just walking around the local park? Now you can!

In addition to the amazing new title, Nintendo unveiled a new companion accessory at E3. The device, known as Pokemon Go Plus, is a watch-like companion to the new game. It allows players to catch Pokemon and collect things like PokeBalls, Berries, and even Pokemon Eggs.

Now, you'll be able to catch Pokemon with ease.

More Information:

Before this year's E3, a lot of information on Pokemon Go was speculation. But, during their press conference at the show, Nintendo unveiled what looks to be a pretty amazing companion device.

As stated earlier, the Pokemon Go Plus is a companion device to the Pokemon Go mobile game. It connects via Bluetooth to any iPhone or Android device. This gives players the freedom to capture any number of creatures without having to pull out their phone.

Different actions will require the user to press the device's center button in a specific sequence to either catch Pokemon or pick up berries and eggs. It isn't until the user goes to their app that they will see what they have picked up.

So far, the only information on the release date hints that the Pokemon Go Plus will be released along with the Pokemon Go mobile app.

Good news for Pokemon Masters new and old. Pokemon Go will be free on both the App Store and Google Play. In addition, Pokemon Go Plus will be available for sale at $35 (as far as rumors go).

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User Comments:

I'm getting one! Name your price Nintendo! TAKE MY MONEY!!


Walking to a business lunch, buzzzz. Act cool, act cool, OMG LOOK OVER THERE FULLY EVOLVED CHARIZARD! GOGOGO!

Hell yes, I'm going to play this. With all the info that The Pokemon Company has already released about it, that's a few dollars they're already getting from me. Challenging strangers and their friends to a Pokemon battle with your friends? Oh yeah.

I've been a casual fan of Pokemon since grade school, but with this, I'm ready to throw my money at Niantic and The Pokemon Company.

Are you excited for this game too? Will you be getting the Pokemon Go Plus? What are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments!

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