[News] Pokemon Go Nearby Tracker Now Available to Select Users!

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Finally! After countless of updates, crashes, and experimentation, Pokemon Go has hit the spot. Introducing their new Pokemon Go Nearby UI!

Now, don't be too excited since this patch is only available to "some test market" before they roll it out to the public. You don't want to be disappointed - AGAIN so patience is a virtue fellow trainer.

Nearby User Interface:

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This new Nearby UI is definitely in the works. Of course, Niantic won't give it out yet to the majority of the trainers worldwide until they root out all the bugs and crashes. It will feature nearby Pokestops with picture plus your prized wild Pokemon waiting to be caught.

This means, it tells you  exactly what Pokemon will be caught in a particular spot.

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This would mean that you don't need to use any Poke finding app and drain your battery more! And this would also mean you don't need to walk around in circles going nowhere (or everywhere) just to find that rare or even a Pokemon you haven't caught.

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This incoming feature (we hope) will not kill the essence of the game in finding a Pokemon since you still need to walk around and find that rustling leaves to catch it. It will give you a direction on where to go and where to look while still enjoying a random pop up of probably the same old Ratata, Pidgey, and Spearow!

Final Thoughts

Good move on this one Pokemon Go! and Just in time when some players are starting to quit their quest to catch 'em all! We hope this interface push through and we don't need to guess which Pokestop or place to go to just to catch a rare Pokemon. For sure, the Pokestop with the "rarest" Pokemon will be a hub for trainers and let us hope trading and Pokemon Battle will come along too!

Any thoughts on this?

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