With the release of Niantic's most recent update, a lot of third-party apps have been greatly affected. The footprint tracker, which many users feel doesn't work, has been nixed for an easier way to track without the footprints. With that being said, is there any hope for the tracking apps that have suffered as a result?

The Shutdown

The rollout of the new update has caused many third-party apps to become unusable. Pokevision, one of the most popular apps, has become incompatible with Go as a result.

A list of Pokemon Go Trackers and their Status:

1. Pokevision

Pokevision became popular because it can display exactly where the creatures would spawn, how long they'd be there. This was functionality far ahead of what the current version of Go is capable of. In addition the features offered by the third-party app, Pokevision always informed users of downtime.

At the moment, Pokevision is down for the count.

2. Pokemark.com

This was actually a tracker with information sourced from everyone playing the game. If you found this website, you could contribute to the sighting and help increase statistical accuracy. As of the last update, this tracker is no longer working.

Smart Poke

Users of Smart Poke have reported issues, but the developers of the tracker seem to have been able to bypass the third-party restriction. You should check this out, as it seems to be the only one working. Take caution with this one, because it might stop working without notice.

Official Stance on Tracker Issues

In an attempt to improve tracking within the Go app itself, Niantic removed the "three-step" tracking. The developer for Pokemon Go recently released a statement regarding third-party software on the official Go FB page:

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