Ever since starting Pokemon Go, I've had trouble figuring out how to track the Pokemon I'm looking for. Some trackers come up when others go down, so there's not really a consistent way to get to our goals. But, it's always great help when one comes across a guide to the location we live in. Here, we'll do our best to help out our fellow UK Pokemon trainers.

Blackheath Common, England

Using an app called PokeWhere, reddit user spot666 shows us that Greenwich Park is a great place to find Machop. The second-highest spawning creature looks to be Charmander.

Machop are typically found in the mountains, so it's really a surprise that they would spawn so frequently in an environment so opposite to its natural home.

Another reddit user on the same thread said that a true Charmander nest could be found in Blackheath Park, just a few minutes south of Greenwich Park. One user attempted to capitalize on the Charmander nest, but seemed to meet with only creatures with high evasion.

Glasgow, Scotland

Some players in Glasgow report seeing many Eevee at Queen's Park. Others say that Pollock Park spawns so many Eevee, it can be considered a nest. The same player reported that between Park Rd. and Woodlands Dr. was also a great hunting ground for trainers.

Wellington Square is a good spot if you are looking for Pikachu. There are 5 Pokestops right next to each other, making it a hotspot for many Pokemon. Don't forget to keep an eye out for Mankey, Meowth, and Magnemite if you are in the area. 

If you are looking for something a little more rare like Omanyte, check on Paisley Road West between Grand Ole Opry and Hotel Ibis. Players report seeing at least one a day there, and it has been seen as the most consistent for that particular creature in the area.

Canary Wharf, London, England

One of England's most famous places to visit, reddit users claim to have found a Dratini nest at Canary Wharf. Though they are not concentrated in any one area, they can be found there and near Cabot Square. Other reddit users claim to find them all along the river, along with Magikarp.

If you're looking for both Dratini and Magikarp, this is one place you'll want to go down to if you haven't already.

North Wales

Players have reported that Grosvenor Park is a great place for catching many Pokemon types. There are dozens of Pokestops, with many having active lures.

Reddit users have reported Barmouth, Wales as a hotspot for Voltorb and Magnemite. In the same place at a holiday park known as Sunbeach, players have been fortunate enough to encounter Ponyta, Vulpix, and Growlithe.

The UK has some beautiful locations, and an abundance of Pokemon in those locations. When you are out of Pokeballs, you can simply go and explore the wonderful sights. Are there any good places we missed? Have you found a Pokemon paradise in the UK? Let us know in the comments!

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