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In the last update, Pokemon Go removed the paw prints on the "Nearby" option, making it almost impossible to track down the Pokemon you want to catch. This time, they totally removed it and totally changed it.

In this article, we will list down the changes Pokemon Go made on their latest update and how it will and will not benefit Pokemon Go trainers.

1. Dialog Screen

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Fix number 1, Pokemon Go added a dialog to remind Trainers not to play while traveling above certain speed. Players must confirm that they are not driving while playing.

Oh great another dialog. The loading screen with the big "STAY AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS" and a prompt every time you open the game isn't enough. I think everybody is already aware that they can not drive while doing Pokemon Go and some are still doing it. I don't know if they are stubborn enough or just completely reckless.

This addition is just a "meh". Fix the servers and remove the bots and cheaters! Of course, this update will make Niantic avoid legal repercussions if someone meets an accident while playing the game.

2. Curveball

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They made improvements at the curveball throw accuracy!

This is totally a YAY! I love throwing curveballs. I love the way it shines, spins and the way it's making me feel more like Ash Ketchum. The XP is just an added bonus. Good job on this one! 

3. Nice! Great! Excellent!

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They fixed a bug that prevents the "Nice," "Great," "Excellent" pokeball throws in giving you appropriate XP bonuses.

Hmmm.. I didn't even notice this, did you? Looks like they are fixing the small things that can make a big impact to other trainers. Okay gee, thanks!

4. Medal Icons

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I know they are not the same badges that we get from playing Pokemon on GameBoy and other consoles, but they are still medals. They also fixed achievements that shows incorrect Medal icons.

To be honest, I don't really care what it shows. As long as I see a "Congratulations" and a medal, I'm ecstatic! It is either I don't focus on the aesthetics of the game or just too busy finding and catching a Pokemon.

This change is not that important but still, okay gee, thanks.

5. Nickname Change

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