We know them and we love them. It's everyone's favorite blob (not the 1980's film). I am, of course, talking about Ditto. So many of us Pokemon Go players are wondering where he is, and when the creators of Pokemon Go will finally release the little monster so we can catch it.

Hacking Pokemon Go for Ditto

There isn't currently any legitimate way to catch Ditto in the game. Aside from breaking down the coding yourself and modifying it, the creature will not appear in game.

Messing with the coding is exactly what FrozenAquaCat did. Using Python programming language, he modified the coding in real time, he manipulated the code of a Weedle, changing its ID from 13 to 132 (Ditto's number in the Pokemon list). Though he was able to spawn a Ditto in Pokemon Go! However, attempting to catch the creature would actually freeze the game.

Theories About Unlocking Ditto

Pokemon Go Theories on Catching Ditto

While scouring the internet for more information, I found some interesting theories people had about Ditto:

Theory 1 - If you name a Pokemon you want to evolve Ditto, it will become Ditto.
Reality - It will not become Ditto by using this method. I wish it was that simple as well.

Theory 2 - Using symbols that resemble a Ditto's face will transform a Pokemon into Ditto.
Reality - To no one's great surprise, this doesn't work. At all.

Theory 3 - Dragging to the multiple menu options, and changing the colors of those options will spawn a Ditto.
Reality - Obviously, this doesn't work either. All a player will do is change the colors of the menu options.

Theory 4 - Consistent interaction with the four starter Pokemon can increase the spawn chance of a Ditto.
Reality - This doesn't work either. You're just interacting with a ton of Pokemon. (Which you should still catch for the candy)

Theory 5 - Evolving a Pokemon with the same height and weight has a chance to spawn a Ditto.
Reality - This again, does not have the desired effect.

Theory 6 - The in-game camera can scan the QR code of a product to unlock Ditto.
Reality - This... isn't possible either. The camera in Pokemon Go does not possess this ability. Such a feature is only available to Pokemon Sun and Moon.

What Niantic Might Be Doing

Players of Pokemon Go have recently suggested that there is a trick to catching this elusive creature. There might be a puzzle hidden in the Pokestops similar to that of the Portals in Ingress. That test has still yet to yield any positive results.

Those same players suggest if Niantic is waiting to release Ditto during an event, it will be hard to catch because of its Imitate. In the original Gameboy titles, the transformation Pokemon could gain the escape rate of any other creature it copied. Catching a Ditto before was nearly impossible because of this. If and when battles with wild creatures is implemented, you will end up fighting a doppelganger of your own Squirtle, Charmander, Bulbasaur, or Pikachu.

Final Statement

I hope Niantic begins its first series of events with the release of Ditto into Pokemon Go. I say this because if Ditto is introduced first, Pokemon breeding is sure to follow.

Where do you think the creature is hiding? What type of event would you like to see Ditto introduced with? Let us know in the comments!

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