So many Android and Apple Phone users are enjoying themselves exploring and catching Pokemon. That being said, many Windows Phone users continue to look on with envy at their friends, myself included. Is there any hope at all that us Windows users will ever get to enjoy the ability to catch Pokemon?


I feel you, fellow Windows Phone user. Microsoft seems to be nearly a decade behind everyone in regards to current apps. Users still can't even reply to a comment on Windows 8.1's Facebook app, and I'm certain the same can be said about "Windows Mobile 10."

Every time I see someone post about catching Pokemon, the voice in my head says "Yeah, so? You think you're cool?" But my inner child is saying, "You're so lucky!!"

Sadness. So Much Sadness.

Yes... yes, we have. There is a terrible miasma of sadness that follows every Windows Phone user wanting to play the game. It's hard not to feel forgotten when all Android and iOS apps seem to get updated every few weeks. We can't play Pokemon Go on Windows Phone, so why bother upgrading to the more recent OS when it doesn't do anything people want?

Overcoming The Sadness

People who can't play the game are getting pretty creative when it comes to being left out of the app craze. Just because you have a Windows Phone and aren't able to play, doesn't mean you can't improvise.

If you're looking for a better way to practice before switching over to Android (which I plan on doing soon), there's always the old-school route. Why not dust off your game boy and pull out Yellow, Green, Blue, or Red Version?

Windows Phone and Pokemon GO APK

For those of you who considered downloading the APK to your Windows Phone, I have some bad news. Unfortunately, the APK doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of working with any Windows device. Every time I downloaded it or tried to open it, I got the same error message:

"You don't have an app that can open this type of file. Would you like to go to the Windows Store?"

I went to the Windows Phone store, and guess what? Nothing. I downloaded three different apps to try and install the APK and they all failed spectacularly.

Closing Statement

Cortana was supposed to be Windows Phone's saving grace, but even that fizzled out. Now if she popped out of the screen as a hologram, there is no doubt people would be genuinely impressed. Avoid buying a Windows Phone if you can help it.

What are your thoughts on Microsoft's or Niantic's lack of support for the app? Are you planning on getting a compatible phone soon? Let us know in the comments!

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